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A Real Complaint

Dear Random Netflix Executive, As a federal employee a large percentage of my day is spent on the internet chatting with my friends about life’s ups and downs and more humorous moments. It was during one of these conversations that I was lamenting the fact that my office is switching locations to a much less … Continue reading

Cannibalism, Morality and Cab Rides

It’s a little after midnight on a Sunday night when I emerge from Dirty Franks. After spending the night playing cards and drinking beers it’s time to find a cab for the trip home. I’m able to hail a cab after walking a block or so up 13th toward Market St. The cabbie is wearing … Continue reading

Rock N Roll is Dead (or it will be and here’s why)

I read a disturbing article today. I wish I could say that I didn’t expect to see the news in the article, but ever since the merger between ticketmaster and Live Nation (I don’t know what to call the new company so from here on out it will simply be referred to as Greed) was … Continue reading

Lasers and Robots

It was the spring of 2001 and by all accounts I should have graduated from college. I didn’t though and I went to London instead. I remember walking around Soho one afternoon and as is often the case with me, I couldn’t resist entering the record store that I had just happened upon. I browsed … Continue reading

Emotional Attachment to Songs

It’s a commonly known fact that High Fidelity is one of my favorite movies. I pull quotes and phrases from it often. One of my favorites is the autobiographical reference to experiencing music. There is a group of songs and bands that I have either an enhanced or lessened opinion of because of my autobiographical … Continue reading

Eddie Vedder, Ernest Hemingway, and Being a Man

The other night I was bored and flipping the channels on TV. I happened upon the HD music channel and it was airing a Pearl Jam storytellers. I paused and watched it for a little while. I found myself more interested in what Eddie had to say in between songs than hearing the songs themselves. … Continue reading

Homecoming Punk

It was the fall of 1996 and I was just starting my senior year of high school. Now, I wasn’t exactly what you would call a popular kid at Cedar Crest. In fact, I think the term nerd or dork is probably much more suitable to my social status at that time. I did however … Continue reading

Love is Hell Pt 1

The week before Thanksgiving 2003 I became the store manager of a record store. Sure, it was a Sam Goody, a chain, in a crappy mall that was next to a prison. Those facts are irrelevant. What is important was that I had a record store. Rob Goody if you will. Aside from the record … Continue reading

A Father’s Influence

My Dad, like any good Father, has had a huge impact on my life. One place where I rarely consider his influence is on my taste in music. He doesn’t seem to be much of a music fan, yet he loves to sing, especially in the morning when it will annoy those around him the … Continue reading


A random spot on the street. A concrete sidewalk with some gum stuck to it. There is a parking sign restricting my ability to park there. Hundreds of people walk by this very spot everyday. They pass it by like it’s just another random spot, and for them it is. I know there is more … Continue reading